Samu Social de Paris

SSDP is a departmental public service aid-system for the most vulnerable people in Paris. It brings together various aids intended to improve the care of homeless people with emergency accommodation, day-care, nursing beds...

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The Project

The Samu Social de Paris works in partnership with hotels to rent rooms to house homeless people. The PHRH departement regularly carries out control visits in order to check whether everything is in conformity with hygiene and health regulations.

The idea is to digitalize their processes, including an optimized visit schedule automatically generated with an algorithm, visit management, different levels of information on a hotel or a member of the team and the available car fleet for moving teams



UX Wireframes


Project Management

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The back office interface

For the back office managed by the Samu Social manager, we wanted to create a platform that was easy to understand above all, because it is an important transition for Samu Social de Paris teams.

We did that by implementing an easy-to-learn color code that directly facilitates the understanding of the information displayed, but also through a clear and refined interface.

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Companion App

We have also designed an application for hotel visit-teams to support them on a daily basis and provide them with essential information for the smooth running of their day. They can find the schedule with the next visits, the possibility to book a fleet car and to report any issues they may have.

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Project carried out with Mathieu Blok & Jean-Yves Dogo as part of my work-study program at HÉTIC, in the 3rd year of my Web Bachelor’s degree..

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